Today's NewsHere’s breaking news about the Ebola outbreak  from various news sources:

A Texas hospital health worker who may have handled Thomas Eric Duncan's fluid samples has been quarantined on a cruise ship in Belize -- another reminder of the widespread fears of the deadly virus.


Dallas nurse Amber Vinson did not directly call federal health officials for permission to board a passenger flight Monday, instead talking to a team of Texas health officials who relayed her symptoms to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, her uncle told ABC News.

“They called Amber back and told her, ‘The CDC is OK with it. You can travel,” Lawrence Vinson said today.


President Obama said today that he is open to appointing what would essentially be an Ebola Czar to deal with the ongoing situation with the deadly disease in the U.S.


TUBMANBURG, Liberia—American and Liberian soldiers hammer, saw and sweat in the afternoon sun here in a frenetic campaign to build the county’s first Ebola-treatment unit.


As two nurses from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who helped care the first U.S. Ebola patient now battle the deadly virus themselves, federal and state health officials are trying to determine how to more effectively keep health care workers safe. This requires extensive training and the right personal protective equipment, also known as PPE.


A nurse with Ebola may have shown symptoms of the virus as many as four days before authorities once indicated, meaning that she might have been contagious while flying on not just one, but two commercial flights, officials said Thursday.


Several school districts in Texas and across the United States are canceling classes, disinfecting schools and notifying parents as passengers on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 speak out about the contacts they’ve had with others.