meetingQuestion: We would like to try and flesh out a 360-degree observation card (system) for our team leaders, and was curious as what pit falls one should try and avoid?

The biggest pit-fall is lack of buy-in, which may lead to low participation or non-impactful feedback.

Consider the worker-level observation process for guidance for Safety 360 Leadership Feedback:

 a) Have them articulate the type of Safety Culture they want.
 b) Teach them the principles of ABC's and changing behavior.
 c) Ask them to help identify behaviors to go on their 360 Card.
 d) Let them decide (with guidance) how the 360 system will be set up.
 e) Train everyone in observation skills and 360 feedback skills.
 f) Do it
 g) In addition to providing individual feedback, also provide group-level feedback to discuss in leaders meetings