It’s Tire Safety Week, and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is using the opportunity to remind motorists of something simple they can do to lessen their chances of getting injured or killed in a crash.

Check your tires.

Summer especially dangerous

More than 600 people are killed and about 19,000 are injured in tire-related crashes each year, and tire blowouts are more common during the summer months when temperatures rise.

A Safety Alert issued by the NTSB outlines how tire registration and periodic maintenance can reduce the risk of crashes.

Use high-tech reminders

Drivers can feel more assured that they and their families will reach their destination safely by keeping tires properly inflated and by checking that they have adequate tread depth and are free of visible damage,” said NTSB Chairman Christopher A. Hart. “We encourage everyone to set reminders on their phones, tablets, and computers to check the tire pressure on their vehicles at least monthly.”

The Safety Alert includes additional information on registering new tires, properly maintaining spare tires, and links to additional online resources.

This and many other Safety Alerts are available at