EnconNew product introductions for 2015 will be revealed at the National Safety Council Expo. Encon® will be showcasing new additions to its emergency shower and eyewash products as well as launching new products in the personal protection equipment product category.

Encon® is proud to announce Helios®, the next generation of self-contained emergency eyewash stations, the AWARENESS 360°™ universal emergency shower sign, and three new chemical splash protection goggles introducing Advanced Fog Resistance (AFR).

Helios® features a super slim profile providing industrial facilities and small shops with space constraints the ability to upgrade to an emergency eyewash station that meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements. Helios® uses an ingenious internal rotating actuation valve that eliminates the pinch tube/hose assembly for durability and flow control and a new tray design featuring recessed eyewash heads that are protected from dust and contaminants.

In addition, Encon® introduces another member to the AWARENESS® family of signs for emergency showers. The AWARENESS 360°™ is a departure in signage; designed for universal emergency shower applications, and providing maximum multi-directional visibility and impact protection from dirt and debris to the shower head. Made of durable corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, AWARENESS 360°™ utilizes universally recognized shower and eyewash icons to help bridge language barriers in multi-ethnic work environments.

Finally, Encon® is proud to announce three new chemical splash protective goggles featuring  Advanced Fog Resistance (AFR). The 160AFR™, 500AFR™ and 750AFR™ models are designed for maximum anti-fog protection for environments where high heat, humidity, and rapid temperature changes demand it. AFR consists of one of the most advanced premium anti-fog coatings available in the marketplace combined with redesigned indirect ventilation channels for superior airflow. Encon® continues to raise the bar in safety and innovation with our newest product offerings.

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Encon Safety Products, located in Houston, Texas, is a global manufacturer and leader of Emergency Shower & Eyewash Equipment, Safety Storage Solutions, Arc Flash Protection, and Personal Protection Equipment. For over 50 years Encon® has been a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment.