How is your bench strength? How many of your employees are currently sitting on your bench just waiting for you to put them “in the game?” What are you doing to build the strength of your team? What kind of education are you providing? How are you equipping your key players for success? Will you empower them to innovate with your customers, your preferred suppliers and your leadership team? (3E / Educate-Equip-Empower)

How is your knowledge transfer going? Are your seasoned pros mentoring your younger players? Does it appear your senior and young team members are on the same team? Is knowledge transfer progressing? How do you”on board” your new talent? Is it progressing quickly and successfully? Are your team members capturing your company tribal knowledge? (Safety Culture)

Are your team members playing under your game plan? Or are they lone wolves? Do you have a strategic plan? Do all your team members know what it is? Do they understand what they need to do to execute?

Why am I asking all of these questions? Safety Marketing Group is planning on having our first “Peer Networking Group Meeting” on Monday morning at the National Safety Congress in Atlanta, GA. Most of the above questions are topics that will be discussed at that meeting.

You don’t have to figure all this out on your own!