What is a “Safety Specialist”? I see quite a few individual sales people and companies putting on their business cards QSSP and/or Safety Specialist. I really believe this begs the question: how did they get that designation? A 20-something who goes through a 5-day 40-hour class on OSHA standards and regulations? Or did they stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

That may sound cruel, but are we not talking about saving lives, reducing injuries, lowering risk, and making sure our “human capital” arrive home safe? The bottom line is: does the “generalist” distributor care what they put in a box for the end-user customer? A few light bulbs, a sprocket, a step ladder and a couple boxes of respirators — without knowing what respiratory hazard exists?

I know, I know, that is commerce! Joe Blow can start selling safety equipment tomorrow and not have a clue about the hazards that exist in the customer’s facility. I just believe that is wrong — and it is just my opinion!

But let us look at the independently-owned safety distributor. Their “core values” are centered on providing a “safety culture” for the end-user customer and the health and safety of their employees. They care what they put in the box… Safety is the backbone of their business…They care!

SMG Distributors have participated in the past 1.5 years in a program we call 3E (Educate-Equip-Empower) consisting of 26 courses. More facts: 45 distributor companies participated, 400 + individual attendees, 500 + hours of education — all centered on the Safety Culture and improving safety and health compliance for the end-user customer facility. My opinion…That is a SAFETY SPECIALIST!

Safety Marketing Group,