The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) will debut five new publications during the 2016 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce), which is taking place May 21-26, in Inner Harbor Baltimore, Md. Attendees of the annual conference may view and purchase the new titles at a discounted rate at AIHA's booth in the Expo Hall.

The new titles include:

The IAQ Investigator's Guide, 3rd edition, edited by Ellen C. Gunderson

This guide discusses initial investigation, HVAC overview and inspection, considerations for special indoor environments, risk communication, and report preparation. The guide's eleven appendices provide readers with guidelines, checklists, and forms to assist in IAQ investigations.

Workplace Violence Primer and Guideline for Industrial Hygienists by Thomas P. Fuller, Jonathan Rosen, and Nathan Hartman

This new guideline details the problem of workplace violence, including bullying and harassment at work, and describes how the industrial hygiene approach to hazard identification can be used to help control workplace violence. The authors discuss the extent of the problem of workplace violence, worker impacts, organizational impacts, prevention, and control measures.

2016 ERPG/WEEL Handbook by the AIHA Emergency Response Planning Committee

This emergency reference presents a clear overview of two important, well-established sets of exposure limits: the ERPGs® and WEELs®. Recommended values for each series are contained in this handy booklet, along with other important information. This handbook should always be used in conjunction with the documentation provided in each full set of ERPGs® and WEELs®.

Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship, edited by Allan K. Fleeger

This publication provides a foundation for an overarching value strategy for product stewardship that can help professionals build a solid business case and gain the support of top management, ensuring adequate resourcing and staff to meet the business strategy.


Health and Safety for Museum Professionals, edited by Catharine Hawks, Michael McCann, Kathryn Makos, Lisa Goldberg, David Hinkamp, Dennis Ertel and Patricia Silence

This publication covers health and safety concerns, precautions, and remedies for all areas of museum work. This reference is the ideal go-to book for conservators, exhibit producers, collection managers, curators, and administrators in all disciplines. Topics include the overarching issues of safety program planning and implementation; specific hazards that may be encountered in work situations related to cultural property and the nature of the health issues posed by these hazards; and the functions of museum staff (collections management, conservation, educational programming, exhibit production, research, and field work).

About AIHA

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