• Camfil APCCombines the highest efficiency particulate and molecular filtration
  • The filters in the City M Air Purifier remove 99.95% of all particles down to the size of .03 microns.

City M portable air purifier
Camfil's newly introduced portable unit that is "Simply the Best.” The City M is an indoor air quality device that works like no other air purifier combining the highest efficiency particulate and molecular filtration offered in one compact package. Watch our video: City M Air Purifier

Camfil City M filters
The heart of its performance is the Camfil filtration technology inside. The City M is equipped with two large, highly efficient filters for removal of particles, odors and gases. It provides 40-50% more filter media than other purifiers on the market with 1½ - 2 times the filter life for operational cost savings. Best of all, the City M consumes 50% less energy than competitive units.

It's "simply the best" and ideal for commercial spaces
It's easy. It's portable. It's sleek. It's a perfect solution for executive offices, conference rooms, school classrooms, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, museums, doctor and dental offices, nursing homes, any area where there is the nuisance and/or danger of particles and odors. The City M delivers an effective air change rate for an indoor area of 20’ x 20’ or smaller. The unit can be moved from room to room and plugs into any 110-120V outlet.

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