A Manhattan construction site that has already seen numerous injuries and complaints about unsafe conditions saw another worker injury last week – when a worker tripped while trying to avoid a crane.

The worker hurt his chin and was treated at a local hospital.

According to news sources, that injury comes on the heels of others at the hotel project: a worker who cut his finger with a wood saw, another who suffered damage to his foot when a steel beam fell on it, workers who cut their hands, one who injured this hip by tripping on a plank and another who got hit in the lip with rebar.

In several of those incidents, workers brought themselves to urgent care facilities for treatment.

Workers aren’t the only ones who’ve been affected by the construction project, according to New York City’s Department of Finance and Department of Buildings (DOB).

Complaints have been received traffic delays and damaged car windshields caused by unsafe activities at the site, including a battery with a harness falling into the street and a crane cable hanging over the street.

On March 9, 2017, a caller to the DOB simply said, "that construction site seems unsafe."