Guardian EquipmentGuardian Equipment is the industry’s leading manufacturer of emergency eyewash and shower technology. Its state-of-the-art, LEED gold-certified Chicago facility produces the world’s most reliable emergency equipment. Over the past 40 years, Guardian has worked tirelessly to establish an unrivaled standard of excellence, which stems from the undivided attention it devotes to its craft. Without obligations to other product lines, Guardian’s commitment to exclusively manufacture emergency eyewash and shower equipment affords its customers many benefits:

With an inventory of over 120 fully-stocked emergency eyewash and shower products available to ship within 24 hours of order placement, Guardian offers the fastest shipping turnaround in the industry.  Additionally, most Guardian components and finished goods are inspected, fully assembled, and tested before shipment, ensuring product dependability and making installation easy. Also, Guardian engineers and manufactures its products in downtown Chicago, IL and is proud to state that its products are Made in the USA. And finally, Guardian inspires confidence in its customer base by supporting all its products with an industry-best two-year warranty policy.

Guardian’s extensive emergency equipment offering includes eyewashes, eye/face washes, showers, combination safety stations, portable units, freeze-resistant units, mixing valves, and much more.  Laboratory equipment, including recessed combination safety stations, countertop swing-activated units, drench hoses, and recessed safety centers have dramatically grown in popularity. Additionally, large scale tepid water solutions such as tempering skids for tepid water loops and self-contained combination safety stations are also available and can be engineered to meet specific customer requirements.

Regardless of the need or environment, Guardian offers an extensive selection of the industry’s most dependable emergency eyewash and shower solutions available today. Entrust your safety to the most reliable brand in the industry. Entrust your safety to Guardian.

Contact Information:
Guardian Equipment
1140 N North Branch St.
Chicago, IL 60642
Phone:  (312) 447-8100