ALERT Safety Products, a designer and manufacturer of Forklift Warning Systems, recently launched a new forklift activated projector. Project ALERT warns pedestrians of approaching forklift traffic at dangerous pedestrian crossings, blind corners and intersections. This latest safety projection system incorporates:

  • Projector activates only by approaching forklifts—not by pedestrians or exiting forklifts
  • Several models accommodate different distances, background colors and ambient light
  • Flashing message can be customized
  • Image can be projected on floor or wall
  • Easy installation; low power 50,000 hour LED; 24VDC and 120VAC
  • Projectors integrate with other ALERT Safety warning devices

“Workplace safety is an investment, because it saves money,” says Dave Fossier, ALERT Safety Products owner and product designer. “Protecting employees is our only business, and forklift warning systems reduce accidents and potential deaths.”

Forklift Dangers, Safety Concerns and Consequences

OSHA estimates forklifts cause about 85 fatal accidents per year; 34,900 accidents result in serious injury; and 61,800 are classified as non-serious. Several factors pose forklift hazards: semi-trucks at loading docks, fast-moving material handlers, and employees working around docks and on manufacturing floors.

Accidents and injuries can trigger serious consequences, affecting company reputation, production downtime, employee morale, regulatory and/or legal action.

“Warehouses and factories can be dangerous places to work,” continues Fossier. “Project ALERT can minimize forklift hazards and promote a culture of safety.”

About ALERT Safety Products, Inc.

Since 2004, ALERT Safety Products designs, manufactures and markets products that improve workplace safety and efficiency—specifically Forklift Warning Systems. The Company has developed advanced products, featuring innovative technology, such as Project ALERT, Mirror ALERT, Office ALERT, LED Caution signs and the use of microwave sensor technology. ALERT Safety offers customized, American-made products, and provides personal services for employee protection. For more information, visit