As a Distributor for SonicAire, we are proud to announce the new SA-XD2 Fan. We have been pleased with the previous fans that our customers appreciate in their Class I, Div 1 locations and our other customers in Class II, Division 2 locations have been patiently waiting for the release of this new fan.

 It is designed for highly hazardous environments that have ignitable fibers and handle heavier combustible particles. The particles that are eliminated because of the SA fans include Silica Dust, which we all know has recently been given very serious attention and regulations are underway concerning this dangerous dust. Workplace safety and functionality are of utmost importance to you and to us.

Our territory covers Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Our customers in the Food & Grain and Wood Manufacturing industries are especially ready to see what this new fan can do. Fugitive Combustible Dust Elimination is needed in Industrial, Commercial and Institutional facilities and we cover them all.  It’s our mission as a company to provide “Conservation Without Compromise” and save lives one facility at a time.

The SA-XD2 fan goes hand in hand with our explosion proof vacuums and LED lighting. We always double check the facilities we audit for any additional safety hazards and excessive energy consumption  that could be eliminated. Time is precious and so is your workplace.

Fugitive Combustible Dust Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult, and we pride ourselves on making safety and functionality in the workplace easy to obtain for all with our turnkey services. We partner with the best third party companies that test dust for combustible particles every time. Our auditing process is designed to make sure that you have complete peace of mind and to provide a clear set of expectations that you can hold us to is our goal.

From one safety professional to the other, we hope that you make the most of your capital resources in 2018 and achieve only the best safety, functionality and energy savings in your workplace.

For more information or to request an audit, email us at or call 1 (877) 434-4363.

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