What are “The 7 Qualities of Outstanding Safety Professionals?”  Josh Franklin, M.B.A., CSP, CET, and CeCe Weldon, M.B.A., CSP, ARM, will discuss their list on Wednesday during an educational session at Safety 2018.

The seven qualities are: Personal development, Balance, The average, C-suite perspective, The secret, Feedback, Giving back.

Franklin, a chief master sergeant and career field manager for Air Force Safety, knows these titles seem cryptic, but says that was deliberate.

“They help open up conversations about what it takes to wildly succeed in the safety profession,” he said.

Franklin and Weldon have identified and defined these qualities based on more than 40 years of combined experience working with thousands of safety professionals in global organizations.

While these seven qualities can help anyone working in occupational health and safety, they could be especially useful guideposts for young safety professionals. According to Weldon and Franklin, aspiring to be better is half the battle on the way to professional success. Without the drive to succeed and a vision for how to measure success, young people will not be able to learn from the wisdom of their older, more experienced peers.

“Having a strong work ethic or obtaining multiple degrees/certifications won’t make you the best in the profession,” said Weldon, vice president of corporate SH&E, management solutions, for AECOM. “These seven qualities are our collective observations of the best in the safety profession.”