Spring cleaning applies both at home and in the work place. If your warehouse isn’t in order, you could be wasting major time and resources. So consider this a springtime "kick in the pants" to act on things you've been putting off. Less clutter can equal better productivity. And a clean, well maintained warehouse can operate more efficiently and with fewer safety issues.

Do your loading dock levelers need to be serviced? Levelers are vital pieces of equipment for any business and keeping them in peak working order can reduce the likelihood of failure, help avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep safety on the dock, front and center. So… how do you know when a leveler needs to be serviced?  Read more.

Is it time to upgrade your loading dock equipment? The loading dock can be a dangerous environment. Dated or worn out equipment can lead to injuries and damage to cargo. So when is it time for you to upgrade your facility’s loading dock equipment?  Read more.

Are all your doors functioning properly? Whether you use roll-up doors, high speed or overhead and dock doors, the appropriate service and maintenance is essential to keeping an efficient business. Doors are particularly important when it comes to running an efficient operation because we rely on them for so many different uses.  Read more.

Rite-Hite can provide service or recommend a planned maintenance plan for your warehouse. Like your business, you want your facility to be as efficient as possible while performing at the highest level. You’ve invested heavily in the equipment at the loading dock and inside your plant, and as the access and entry/exit points to your warehouse, you can’t afford to leave their performance to chance.

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