If your job tasks include performing the same movements regularly, you could be at risk for developing a repetitive motion injury. Almost any jocan be at risk for this type of injury, though some are more likely to cause one than others.

Repetitive motion injuries may seem minor, but they can develop into more serious conditions, including carpal tunnel syndromebursitis, and tendonitis. Paying for treatment for these injuries can be difficult for many workers, particularly if their injuries have left them unable to return to work. Luckily, there are ways to obtain benefits to help balance these costs.

Some jobs are more likely to cause repetitive motion injuries than others. Four of these jobs include:

  1. Office jobs involving constant typing
  2. Manufacturing jobs involving assembly lines
  3. Construction jobs in building or demolition
  4. A stationary job requiring large amounts of time in one position

Source: wilsoninjurylaw.com