Robert Pater of Strategic Safety Associates offers these tips:

  • Sit with one foot slightly forward and one foot back. This alleviates strain and fatigue and takes stress of your back, especially if you have to sit for a long time.

  • Bend your knees when you stand. This takes pressure off your back.

  • Relieve stress and strain in your neck. Sit up straight, tilt your head back, and roll your shoulders backwards. Repeat often to relieve pressure and pain of sitting for long hours.

  • Focus on your hands.

    Redirect your focus from your thumb and index finger (which is impulse) to your ring and small finger (which is where your strength is). Do this when grabbing or carrying something and you’ll notice more power and strength.

  • Concentrate before you reach for something. Again, by focusing on your ring and small finger you increase your balance, allowing you to reach further, grasp more tightly, and avoid a fall or back strain.