eCompliance unveils its newest advancement in their product line-up at NXT 2019: The Future of EHS, their annual conference. The concept version of the eC Edge App was announced to attendees today to give customers and prospects a first-hand look at the advanced functionality the product will begin to offer in 2020. With the Beta version launching early 2020, the new application is the amalgamation of the best features of both FieldiD and eCompliance in one platform. It takes a view of asset management and people safety in one app. This innovation is one that has yet to hit  the industry in the form of a native app.

“The eC Edge App is a combination of years of industry knowledge, research, feedback, and truly what the industry needs to make the front-line workforce safe,” says Harish Pandian, Director of Product, eCompliance. “The unveiling of this app is more than an innovation. It will transform behavioral adaptation to strengthen workplace safety culture. It’s truly been an exciting road for the product team and eCompliance as a whole and we’re eager to see the positive impact this will make on the industry.”

The eC Edge App includes these exciting advancements:

News Feed
The News Feed feature displays all the workforce’s latest activity on your respective site. Whether you’re in construction or mining, the news feed will include updates on Hazards, who is arriving late, who worked the night shift and what each worker is facing upon arrival to the site. It provides seamless integration of everything occurring in real-time instead of waiting a full 24 hours for the next toolbox talk.

Reporting Hazard IDs
Long gone the days of reporting hazards that take minutes. This new addition will allow your workforce to report a Hazard ID in 90 seconds or less. Workers can attach an image or take one in real-time, categorize and assign the hazard, and lastly, assign a severity level ranging from Low to Extreme. You can use severity levels to configure your push notifications. These settings are all personally configurable by each customer.

High Fives
An exciting new addition to bring proactive, positive reinforcement to the workforce. These are positive observations for the workforce to recognize one another for going above and beyond. See someone wearing the proper PPE? High five. See a team member using the proper posture? High five. You can recognize team members and inadvertently, strengthen your safety culture and build morale.

Push Notifications
Ever want to be notified if you’ve been assigned a corrective action in real-time? Or how about an extreme hazard you want your entire workforce to be aware of? There’s an app for that. Users are now able to enable Push Notifications to receive important safety updates from their respective sites. These notifications can be configured based on severity levels of reporting Hazard IDs and to each user’s needs.

Team Dashboard
To everyone out there who has ever wanted their insights from their team in one place on their mobile device, we’ve granted your wish. The new Team Dashboard provides team members, not just managers, direct awareness into each site. More importantly, it makes safety performance within your site more transparent. 

“This unveiling has been a long time coming and it’s been something in the works for over a year,” says Adrian Bartha, CEO, eCompliance. “We’re listening to our customers and combining it with our big data set to discover what it really takes to drive an even stronger safety culture. It keeps us on our toes and forces us to think critically about what we’re building and why we’re building it. We’re excited to get it in users’ hands!”

About eCompliance

eCompliance safety software is the SaaS leader for improving worker participation and strengthening safety culture. The eCompliance mobile app connects the workforce with head office, creating a two-way conversation so safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions and executives gain an unrivaled view of risk across their company. eCompliance customers experience injury rates more than 70% below those of their peers and the company is on track in its mission to eliminate 1 million workplace incidents by the end of 2020. eCompliance operates out of Canada, with headquarters in Toronto and an office in Calgary.