As we move into 2022, here’s a look back at some of the top stories of 2021. While many began experiencing “Covid fatigue” in the news, many of our top stories featured news about the pandemic.

Our No. 1 story detailed the initial vaccine rollout back in January and discussed when industrial workers could begin getting the vaccine.

A few of our other most popular articles related to respiratory protection and Covid concerns were about an air filtration startup company launching a new NF95 respirator and a news story in July about how some medical professionals were recommending use of N95 masks to the general public to help fight the then-newly emerging Delta variant, which might feel eerily similar to the present day as we are currently dealing with the Omicron variant.

Another interesting feature that made the top 10 is advice on safe travel in 2021. While the article is from July, it’s still relevant today as many restrictions and guidelines remain in place as travel in general has increased over last year.

Workplace training

It wasn’t all current events that hit the top 10. Quite a few of our most popular features were training-related guides for topics such as PPE and fall protection.              

A surprising top 10 appearance comes from a guide on how to keep employees safe at a cold storage warehouse.

And many readers were interested in the current state of drug testing programs in workplaces, which is always a popular topic with often-changing advice and laws.

Other topics that typically show up in our year-end list include NFPA70e training requirements , tips on caring for and replacing PPE and qualities of an effective fall protection program.

Coming up

So what will be the most popular stories of 2022? It’s hard to say, but I think training will always be a hot topic, including information on standards updates and OSHA news.

In this issue, we have a focus on the top 10 most violated standards with information on hazards and tips for compliance. Take a look at them and refresh your memory. You never know what information you’ve retained could help make your workplace safer. 

We also have some great features on improving indoor air quality, the footwear needs of manufacturing and warehouse workers, and tips on confined space safety training. Maybe one of these will become one of our most popular stories of 2022.