ISHNasked readers in its 22nd annual White Paper survey how easy or difficult it is to execute 14 typical program activities. Here's what they reported:

  • OSHA compliance is difficult or very difficult only for about one in ten pros (12 percent). More than half (57 percent) describe compliance tasks as easy or very easy.

  • What about controlling exposures to toxic substances? Only ten percent say it's difficult or very difficult. Almost two-thirds (62 percent) categorize exposure control as not a problem — easy or very easy. This might explain why a number of companies have decided to outsource industrial hygiene services on an "as needed" basis.

  • MSDS management? No headache (easy or very easy) for six in ten pros (61 percent).

  • When it comes to improving systems such as confined space entry, lockout-tagout and ergonomics, most pros have been there, done that. Only 15 percent report serious difficulties. More than half (51 percent) claim to have an easy time of it.

    For the 22nd annual White Paper survey, ISHN polled 2,000 subscribers by mail in August 2005. From a usable base of 1,921, 340 surveys were returned, for a response rate of 18 percent.