OSHA chief John Henshaw testified at a Congressional budget hearing in early May that in fiscal year 2002, federal OSHA conducted 37,493 inspections, the most since FY 1994. This year, OSHA's goal is to conduct 37,700 inspections. The agency expects to maintain the current inspection levels in FY 2004.

OSHA has begun 469 ergonomic inspections under the nursing homes National Emphasis Program and plans 1,000 ergo inspections in FY 2003. In addition, OSHA has initiated approximately 156 ergonomics inspections in other industries.

In cases where OSHA is concerned about ergonomic conditions but believes that a citation is not appropriate, it may send the employer an ergonomic hazard alert letter. Inspections have thus far resulted in issuance of 88 hazard alert letters.