Construction workers will benefit from increased attention to safety and health issues under an Alliance signed Sept. 9 between the International Safety Equipment Association and OSHA during the National Safety Congress in Chicago.

The Alliance unites ISEA and OSHA on safety and health issues in heavy construction worksites, with a particular focus on the proper selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE).

"Working with OSHA, we will be able to reach far more workplaces, informing users and supervisors about the proper selection, use and maintenance of PPE, and promoting worker safety and health as a sound business practice," said ISEA President Dan Shipp.

OSHA and ISEA will disseminate information on the appropriate forms of PPE, while promoting the value of its use to mitigate the many hazards found in heavy construction. Both organizations will also provide electronic links for users to obtain beneficial materials available on their Web sites. Additionally, communication between ISEA members and OSHA personnel will be promoted, particularly with OSHA's compliance assistance specialists, in order to stay current with developments in the field.

Representatives of OSHA and ISEA will participate in forums, roundtable discussions or stakeholder meetings on construction-related safety and health issues, and also speak, exhibit or appear at conferences, meetings and various industry events to promote the effectiveness of safety and health programs.

The Alliance also calls for the collection and sharing of information on the latest equipment technologies and best practices related to PPE with construction employers, labor organizations, insurance providers, other state and federal government officials, and safety and health professionals.