"Distracted driving is an epidemic on our roadways,” said Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood this week, putting special emphasis on teen drivers.

 In 2009, the highest proportion of distracted drivers in fatal crashes was under the age of 20, according to DOT.

 Teens are recognizing the dangers and taking a stand against distracted driving, according to LaHood.

 One organization is Generation tXt, a youth group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that is using peer to peer education to get their message out: Texting while driving just isn't cool.

 “Generation tXt, with help from State Farm, focuses on educating 8th and 9th grade students who can’t wait to get their hands on the wheel. By focusing on this age group they hope to stop bad driving habits before they start,” said LaHood.

”One of their most creative tools is a catchy hip-hop music video with lyrics that lay out the potential consequences of texting and cell phone use while driving."

 “And they’re not stopping there. They’re also taking their anti-distraction campaign directly to schools, driver education classes, and community and faith-based centers in their area. They’ve even got their own interactive texting and driving simulator that can help teens learn firsthand just how dangerous distracted driving can be,” said LaHood.