textingAAA has thrown its support behind a recent National Transportation Safety (NTSB) recommendation to ban the driver use of all Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) while driving, except in the event of emergencies. If enacted, the nationwide prohibition proposed by the NTSB would cover texting and cell phone calls, among other activities.

While the organization is primarily associated with its roadside service and insurance offerings, it was founded more than a century ago for the purpose of lobbying for driver and passenger rights.

The organization has issued a statement in support of the NTSB's position, saying that a ban would be "an important step in the national dialogue about the dangers of distracted driving."

"For more than a decade, AAA’s simple message to drivers has been to ‘hang up and drive.’ We believe the best strategy to get drivers to make safer choices behind the wheel is a comprehensive approach that combines good laws, visible enforcement and effective public education campaigns."

Reaction to the idea has been mixed. Some drivers wish to maintain the right to talk on cell phones while driving. Law enforcement officials have expressed both approval of a total ban and concern over the potential difficulty of enforcing it.

While the NTSB doesn't have the authority to impose restrictions, its recommendations can influence lawmakers at the federal and state levels.