Product InnovationsPro Tech Technologies, Inc. today introduced its NoiseBuster Communications Module for use with portable communications devices such as mobile phones, smartphones,  iPhones, personal computers, iPads and two-way radios. The NoiseBuster Communications Module delivers clear two-way communications in high-noise industrial environments where personal hearing protection is required. Any user of a NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Safety Earmuff can easily enhance their earmuff with a two-way communications capability by adding on the NoiseBuster Communications Module.

Today, many workers in industry need to communicate with customers and colleagues around the globe while working in high-noise environments.

Developed for use in combination with the NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff, the easy-to-install NoiseBuster Communications Module includes a rugged flex boom and high-quality noise-canceling microphone.  Pricing for this inexpensive, add-on Module begins at $129.00.  Blackberry smartphones, Apple iPhones and iPads, various mobile and wireless phones, various personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets and personal computers are supported.  Most major portable two-way radio manufacturers are supported including Motorola, Nextel, Kenwood, Icon, Harris and others. A list of the supported two-way communications devices can be found at the NoiseBuster website,

The NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff combines a high-performance passive earmuff with electronics for the reduction of low-frequency noise generated by equipment such as power turbines, diesel generators, engines blowers, vacuums, fans, pumps, motors, etc. – noise that passive earmuffs alone can’t handle. Reducing low-frequency noise also minimizes the masking effect that the noise has on speech thereby improving the intelligibility of received speech communications.

NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuffs are ANSI, CSA and CE certified. Over-the-head, behind-the-head and hard hat/cap-mounted configurations are available at a cost of $149.00.

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