Product InnovationsThis year at NSC, Capital Safety is proud to feature six innovative fall protection and rescue products from its trusted brands, DBI-SALA® and Protecta®.

Powered Climb Assist System

The new Powered Climb Assist System is specifically designed to provide assistance for those who climb the internal ladders of wind turbines.

•Provides weight relief while climbing to reduce worker fatigue and improve climbing longevity

•Includes a unique “adaptive” motor that adjusts to environmental conditions and end-user motions for effortless ascent and descent

•System includes top and bottom pulley assemblies, wire cable, wire cable grip, motor control assembly and cable tensioning system

•Plug-and-play portable motor control unit design enables simple installation to cable tensioning unit

DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop™ Lanyard

The new and improved EZ-Stop Lanyard is lighter, stronger and more durable than ever before.

• The industry’s first modular lanyard designed with components that can be replaced individually when worn or damaged, rather than having to purchase an entire new unit

• Uses the smallest shock pack in the world – 66 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than competing products

• ¾ inch webbing (the thinnest ever offered) reduces weight and excess bulk

• Includes the lightest and strongest steel and aluminum rebar hooks on the market

• The patented one-handed quick connect design offers maximum versatility, allowing users to change components on the spot to accommodate various tasks and job requirements

Nano-Lok™ Tie-Back Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)

The Nano-Lok Tie-Back SRL is the lightest, most compact tie-back SRL in its class.

•At only 2.4 pounds (1.09 kg), it is the lightest self retracting lifeline on the market

•Quick-connect anchorage connector attaches directly to the back of most harnesses and doesn’t require a separate carabiner

•6-foot retractable lifeline reduces dragging, snagging and trip falls

•Includes a tie-back leg with 36 inches of webbing

•Available with both single and twin leg connection options

Nano-Lok™ Arc Flash Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)

This Nano-Lok Arc Flash is the smallest and lightest arc flash SRL on the market.

•Weighs only 1.9 pounds (0.86 kg), but can support a user capacity of 420 pounds (190 kg)

•The 6-foot Kevlar® with NanoSphere® coating lifeline is arc flash rated and reduces dragging, snagging and trip falls

•Impact-resistant housing provides maximum durability

•Integrated shock absorber provides visual indication after damage during a fall

•Has an electric arc performance of 40 cal/cm2 and meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements

Rollgliss™ Technical Rope Rescue Line

Introducing the new Rollgliss technical rope rescue family of products – built to last and excel in harsh environments.

•Meets the needs of rescuers for rigging, encompassing everything from single descent systems to complicated flying foxes

•Designed to handle the toughest, harshest rescue situations

•The new technical rope rescue line complements Capital Safety’s already-established line of industrial rescue systems

Advanced 4-in-1 Davit Guard System

The Advanced 4-in-1 Davit Guard System is versatile, durable and portable.

•Designed as a fall arrest, confined space and rescue system

•4-in-1 system provides the ultimate safety for rescuers, entry workers and bystanders

•Passive Restraint guardrail system with 40-inch sections protects companion workers and bystanders while offering ample room for entry and maneuvering

•Includes a fixed mount davit with anchor point rated to 5,000 pounds

•Folds to less than 12 inches for easy portability and storage