The ABCs of behavior-based safetyIt’s always hazardous to compile lists of who’s who. Deserving folks are always omitted. Nonetheless, here is a list of young or relatively young thought leaders in the EHS field.

Email Dave Johnson, ISHN Editor, with omissions, and we will published an expanded list if need to.

Wells Bullard – Marketing manager, Bullard

Chuck Pettinger – Implementation and Changer Manager, Predictive Solutions

Tim Ludwig, blogger, professor at Appalachian State, consultant with Safety Performance Solutions

Phil LaDuke – safety and social networking, aggressive blogger, consultant

James Frederick – assistant director, occ safety and health, USW

Lee Ann Jillings – depty director, OSHA Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs

Shawn M. Galloway – ProAct Safety’s young president and chief operating officer is pioneer in safety podcasting, and a prolific writer. You’ve heard of safety podcasting, haven’t you? One day you will. (7)

Shelley Brown, EHS Manager, AECOM

Landon Depue, Intel Corp

Kyle Hall, UPS

Francisco Hernandex, Safety Super, GM

David McPeak, Pike Enterprises

Francine Scott-Diehl

Rodney Grieve, Facilatior, Branta Worldwide

Richard Hawk, Director, Richard Hawk, Inc.

Justin McElhattan – president and CEO, Industrial Scientific

Scott Madar – CIH, Mercer/ORC EHS Consulting