State of the EHS Nation:

Exclusive results from ISHN’s 28th annual White Paper Reader Survey

futureEHS budgets will be larger for only 16% in 2013. Almost one in five (19%) of pros in 500+ employee sites are staring at budget decreases.

25% of industrial hygienists will work with smaller budgets.

Hiring: EHS staffing will increase for only 14%. Instead, personal EHS responsibilities will increase for 46%.

Different story in 500+ employee sites: 38% have hired a new pro in the past year.

Attrition:  58% agree/strongly agree the EHS field has suffered significant job losses due to layoffs and other factors.

Job burnout is a major EHS problem due to increasing job demands and lean budgets and staffs, according to 45%. Only 7% beg to differ and see no problem.

Institutional memory: 40% of pros in 500+ employee sites plan to leave their jobs in the next 5 years.

Psychosocial issues: Not regulated, not a factor? Less than one-third (28%) will increase efforts in this area.