Vendor NewsSouth Florida’s Armchem International, a leading business-to-business provider of specialty industrial and maintenance products to over 25,000 customers worldwide today announced that it has acquired the Greensboro-based Handi-Clean Products, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment.

“The acquisition of Handi-Clean allows Armchem to expand in many exciting ways, said Armchem CEO Andrew Brahms.  “For the first time in our 30-year history, we will now have manufacturing capabilities.  This allows us to provide our customers with additional product offerings in both the Armchem and Handi-Clean lines and deliver very competitive pricing,” said Brahms.

The deal also enables Armchem to grow their market share in key regions, including North and South Carolina, home to many of Handi-Clean’s largest accounts.  Brahms will focus his efforts on account building and product diversification, and current CEO Clark Bunting will remain involved in the day to day operations of Handi-Clean, a business that was founded in 1953.

This acquisition is the third step of an expansion plan that began last year at Armchem, which was actually precipitated by the recession.  While most companies were cutting back and laying off employees, Brahms took the opposite approach with an aggressive business strategy to increase the sales coming from current domestic clients as well as introduce products to a more international market.  To do so, Brahms created a 5,000 square foot call center, hiring 15 new inside sales people/support staff to compliment the outside sales that Armchem was built on.   Due to the call centers success, the company increased their storage space by 4,000 square feet and hired additional warehouse staff.

About Armchem

Armchem is the leading provider of products that help businesses run smoother, faster, cleaner, safer and healthier.   From specialty chemicals to safety products, MROs to mops, floor mats to first aid, green products to greases and lubricants, Armchem is the source for anything and everything a company needs.  To learn more about this Florida-based corporation celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, visit