Wiley XAs it does every year, June marks the arrival of National Safety Month, a four-week awareness and education campaign of the National Safety Council designed to promote and encourage safety and injury prevention at work and at home. And once again, vision protection innovator Wiley X, Inc. will be helping to spread the message and supporting the goals of this worthy program - educating the public on key ways to prevent accidental injuries and death.

The theme for this year's program is "Safety Starts With Me," a message that perfectly parallels Wiley X's stance on the need for protective eyewear not just some of the time, but all of the time. "The best protective eyewear in the world can't help prevent injury if it isn't being worn at the time of an accident," said Wiley X Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr. "We've made great strides in developing protective sunglasses that are stylish and comfortable enough for every situation, whether it's on the jobsite or while engaged in outdoor activities like mountain biking, fishing or motorcycling. Still, at the end of the day, each person has to make a personal decision to wear vision protection. This is precisely why educational programs like National Safety Month are so important," added Freeman.

Wiley X has witnessed an increased focus on eye protection from America's refineries, factories and plants, with increased emphasis on premium protection versus cost. "Saving money is always important, but more employers are recognizing the long-term benefits of providing workers with a better quality product. There are clear differences between premium protective eyewear and the cheap, disposable options out there. Quality, comfort and utility can make the difference between whether a worker wears his protective eyewear, or not,"
said Freeman.

Wiley X has built its reputation on protecting America's vision in the toughest environments on Earth. Wiley X is a leading provider of vision protection systems for law enforcement and the U.S. military. Wiley X's Safety Series glasses are ideal for on-the-job protection indoors and out. One example is the company’s many innovative Climate Control™ models featuring a patented removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity™ Seal that blocks out wind, debris and reflected light for complete protection and job concentration. Almost all Wiley X models are also prescription ready, providing a comfortable, no-compromise solution for wearers who need both state-of-the-art protection and corrective lenses.

Every pair of Wiley X sunglasses meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety ratings, providing occupational grade protection for all wearers and a wide range of activities. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of vision protection in every pair of glasses it makes. Selected Wiley X models also meet the updated MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) MCEP Standard (superseding the GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard) for combat protective eyewear.

To learn more about National Safety Month, visit the National Safety Council website at www.nsc.org/nsm. For more information on Wiley X's full line of performance protective eyewear for occupational, tactical or recreational use, visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 • Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.