Each year in March, Prevent Blindness America (www.preventblindness.org) makes a nationwide effort to focus attention on the important issue of workplace eye injuries and educate the American workforce about the tools and techniques that could help prevent the estimated 700,000 injuries that occur annually. And each year, leading protective eyewear manufacturer Wiley X is right there, offering its support and outreach for Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

"Workplace eye injuries are a serious issue that can result in great personal tragedy, including the permanent loss of one's sight," said Wiley X Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr. "In addition, these accidents cost American businesses greatly, both financially and in terms of lost productivity. The hard truth is that nine out of 10 workplace eye injuries could be prevented, simply by wearing the right safety glasses at all times," added Freeman.

With such a simple solution and so much at stake, preventing workplace eye injuries is an issue that Wiley X takes very seriously. "The reasons workers give for not wearing protective eyewear - lack of comfort and style and interference with job duties, etc. - are absurd when you consider how preciWiley Xous our gift of vision is. This has been a driving force behind Wiley X's vision to develop OSHA-grade eye protection that does away with workers’ notions about 'traditional' safety glasses," said Freeman.

For many years, Wiley X eyewear has protected the eyes of U.S. soldiers in the field, as well as law enforcement and other tactical wearers around the world. This experience has helped the company develop glasses that provide not only state-of-the-art protection, but also the styling, comfort and visual acuity to perform in the most challenging environments. This same technology goes into all Wiley X glasses for American workers.

"We believe that the key to reducing workplace eye accidents is to create protective eyewear that workers will want to wear all the time, every time they're on the job," said Freeman.

Wiley X offers dozens of stylish, comfortable glasses - some with patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity™ seals (to protect eyes from flying debris) and lenses designed to provide crystal clear vision indoors and out. Every pair of Wiley X glasses meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing occupational grade protection for all wearers and a wide range of activities. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of vision protection in every pair of glasses it makes.

Almost all Wiley X eyewear styles are also Rx Ready, making them a perfect solution for workers who require prescription lenses and eliminating the need for bulky, protective safety goggles being worn over their prescription eyeglasses. This alone greatly increases the chances that workers will consistently use the protection they need.

For more information on Workplace Eye Wellness Month and preventing workplace eye injuries with Wiley X's extensive line of premium performance eyewear, visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 · Telephone: (800) 776-7842 · Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.