Apron Die CutThe USA manufacturer PolyConversions, Inc. continues to produce VR Protective Wear, a proprietary line of protective apparel which is 100% vinyl free and latex free. VR provides impervious, puncture and cold-crack resistant protection and has been scientifically designed to REPLACE vinyl and other traditional plastics. VR is odorless and contains no toxic substances or plasticizers, and can be safely land filled or incinerated without harm to the environment.

VR replaces conventional protective garments made of vinyl and other traditional materials intended to safeguard clean room and non-clean room em­ployees from potential chemical or bio-hazard contamination. While approved for direct food contact, VR has also been clinically tested to offer far superior resis­tance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric acids.

VR provides durable lightweight garments for use in contamination control throughout the food processing, industrial/safety and medical industries. The VR line of protective wear includes aprons, sleeves, gowns, sleeve-gloves, boot & shoecovers, rainwear.

PolyCo’s PolyWear™ Disposable Gowns, designed to provide lightweight, full frontal barrier protection against chemical and biological pathogenic contaminants.  Gowns feature contoured thum-bloops securing gown sleeve under gloves.  Tear-away neck-loop facilitates quick gown removal and disposal. Three sizes and 5 colors.

For more information view PolyCo’s website, www.polycousa.com or contact:

Scott Carlson, PolyConversions, Inc. (888) 893-3330
Email: scottc@polycousa.com.