Top Products of the WeekFR clothing, a new LOTO device, eye protection and hand protection are in this week’s Top Products of the Week as featured on

National Safety Apparel (NSA) releases the TrueComfort™ FR Knit Shirt Collection that meets NFPA 2112 and 70E Standards

Time and time again National Safety Apparel (NSA) has been asked to manufacture a lighter weight knit shirt that would meet the needs of workers exposed to the potential hazards of flash fire and arc flash.  It took some time, but they are proud to answer with their newest garment line. The TrueComfort™ FR Knit Shirt Collection is constructed from a 5.5 ounce 100% FR Cotton fabric that meets NFPA 2112 and 70E (HRC2) Standards.

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Ceramic snap off and titanium hybrid blades

American Cutting Edge is proud to bring the first line of ceramic snap off and titanium hybrid blades to the United States. These blades have a demonstrated blade life up to 85 times longer than their carbon and stainless steel counterparts and offer an unrivaled level of precision cutting.

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Master Lock debuts new, uniquely effective S3920 Butterfly Valve Lockout device

Master Lock®Company LLC’s latest entry into the Safety Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) arena, the new S3920 Butterfly Valve Lockout, turns the tables on devices that merely clamp down on the valve handle to keep it disengaged.

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Superior Glove Works creates innovative glove for broader industrial use

Superior Glove Works, a Canadian glove manufacturer, has harnessed an advanced knowledge of yarn technology to create an affordable and innovative glove, allowing a broader industrial market of workers to benefit from premium safety solutions.

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New Wiley X® styles join popular Street Series and Active Series

New-for-2014 WX Moxy, WX Tobi and WX Rebel combine stylish good looks, superior vision and advanced eye protection

The popular Street Series and Active Series sunglasses from eyewear innovator Wiley X® are known for their go-anywhere, do-anything performance and style. Three new-for-2014 additions to these families fit the mold perfectly, providing wearers with stylish good looks, superior vision, and state-of-the-art vision protection - whether at work, at play or pursuing adventure in the great outdoors.

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