A certified flame detector, comfortable FR clothing and machine guarding are among this week’s top EHS-related products as featured on ISHN.com:

New 52" and 62" steel lathe chuck shields

Safeguard individuals for OSHA and ANSI compliance

Danray Products LLC offers 52" and 62" steel lathe chuck shields for lathes or similar machines. These heavy-duty 12-gauge steel lathe chuck shields serve two basic functions: (1) they provide a safeguard between individuals and point-of-operation or rotating hazards, and (2) they protect individuals from flying chips, sparks, coolant, lubricant, and other particles.

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The Nummo

Safecutters, Inc. is proud to be introducing the newest safety knife to the lineup, the Nummo. This amazing knife is now available through our online store at www.safecutters.com or by calling 866-865-7171.

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Bulwark® FR launches first-of-its-kind flame-resistant (FR) product line, breaks down comfort barriers

Bulwark partners with Milliken™ & Company to design the iQ Series™, featuring superior comfort properties and advanced flame resistant-technology

Bulwark, the world's largest brand of flame-resistant (FR) apparel, today announced the launch of the iQ Series, a product line that delivers superior comfort through fabric and design innovation -- without compromising the trust and safety of its wearers.

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Wiley X® introduces DIGIFORCE™ digital rx lens technology

Precision measurements optimize prescription lenses for individual Wiley X wearers

As a leading innovator of premium protective eyewear for military, occupational and recreational use, Wiley X has now moved far beyond simply offering Rxable eyewear.  A precision prescription digital lens technology developed by Wiley X - DIGIFORCE™ - is now being offered to provide superior vision to a wide variety of wearers in various wearing conditions.

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ComSTAR Full Duplex Headsets

ComSTAR is a new generation of full duplex wireless that allow up to eight users to talk simultaneously. These revolutionary headsets feature a self contained, “All in One” design and do not require cables or belt pack transceivers.

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MultiFlame 3IR Detector certified SIL3

Simtronics, an IST company, is pleased to announce that its MultiFlame series DF-TV7-T and DM-TV6-T are the first triple IR flame detectors on the market to be certified up to safety integrity level SIL3. The devices recently underwent stringent functional safety assessments by third party agency LCIE Bureau Verita and were found to be in compliance with IEC 61508:1-7.

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