Using RFID barcodes with Field ID can enhance your safety audits and inspections.Master Lock®Safety Solutions™has added HF RFID/Barcode labels and Label Scan ID tags to its product lineup. High Frequency RFID and barcode labels are an advanced electronic identification system that can be combined with Field ID™safety Compliance software technology. The innovative web based management solution employs mobile devices to automate equipment inspections and Lockout/Tagout procedures.

The main advantages of using barcodes and HF RFID tags are saving time and improving efficiency and traceability to lockout procedures. Field ID software provides quick identification and helps minimize human error while creating an electronic audit trail. The new HF RFID labels are programmed with a unique 16-digit code that cannot be duplicated and can be used with any Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled mobile device. HF RFID barcodes feature an alphanumeric numbering system and can be used with a barcode reader, smart phone or tablet.

The Label Scan Isolation Tag is manufactured from the same durable material as Master Lock’s popular Guardian Extreme™signs and tags. This ensures reliability with resistance to over 30 chemicals and is tested under rigorous conditions to ensure it can withstand harsh and extreme environments.

“An HF RFID or Barcode label can be applied to procedure signs, isolation points or equipment for scanning purposes during an inspection or LOTO procedure. An authorized worker can use an RFID reader, an NFC enabled tablet or smart phone to identify the type of equipment being scanned, including padlocks,” said Jessica Nelson, Associate Product Manager for Master Lock. “While Field ID allows users to create custom lockout procedures or inspections, our HF RFID or barcode labels can be used with any compatible software.”

The S150 Barcode labels are available in 100-packs, and the RFID with barcode label - S151 with plastic application or S152 with a plastic/metal application – come 25 to a pack. For more information about Master Lock products, visit For additional story details, contact Bob Wolff with The Drucker Group ( at 224-532-1808.

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