Berg Compliance Solutions, experts in helping small businesses ensure environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance, announced that after years in development, GUIDED COMPLIANCE has been launched to help address the many challenges that small manufacturers face when trying to manage EHS compliance & risk.

(PRNewsfoto/Berg Compliance Solutions)

(PRNewsfoto/Berg Compliance Solutions)


Small Manufacturers Are At Greatest EHS Risk:
The majority of small US manufacturers fail to properly manage and "effort" EHS compliance, putting themselves at risk for major liabilities including serious employee injuries, fatalities, significant fines & penalties, public embarrassment, wasted money, lost customers and potential civil and criminal liability.

Small manufacturers are at greatest risk due to a common lack of critical internal expertise, time and resources needed to keep up with these complex & ever changing regulations.

"The biggest hurdle is understanding the requirements and how they apply to your operation. Knowing what you have to do is half the battle, but then implementing and managing everything can be difficult, if not impossible for a small manufacturer like ours," said one anonymous Berg client.

Our New Cost Effective EHS Solution:
GUIDED COMPLIANCE was created to address these challenges using a revolutionary new "done with you" consulting approach which combines proprietary training, our proven & predicatable compliance process and ongoing virtual guidance from our team of EHS experts. 

The service is intended to remove the complexity from these regulations by presenting the compliance process in a way that non-experts can more easily understand. This unique approach greatly improves a small manufacturer's opportunity for long term compliance success.

"Keeping up with complex OSHA, EPA & state environmental regulations can be overwhelming for a small manufacturer, but the risks of failing to take action are too big to ignore," said Russell Carr, President, Berg Compliance Solutions. "Many companies don't have the need to hire a full time EHS manager and can't afford an expensive consultant. Guided Compliance fills the gap & reduces risk."

As an added benefit, recently, OSHA stated that for enforcement inspections conducted during the pandemic, OSHA will assess an employer's efforts to explore all options to comply with health and safety laws, including virtual training or remote communication strategies. GUIDED COMPLIANCE helps meet these requirements and reduces the risk of regulatory penalties.   

About Berg Compliance Solutions
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