Listed below are 21 essays that give advice for safety professionals.
  1. Get a grip on transformational leadership
  2. The challenge is self-motivation
  3. The business community “gets” risk
  4. Firms are like the Titanic – thought to be invincible
  5. There is no end to being a better leader
  6. There is no safety culture
  7. Regulatory action shifts to the states
  8. Push your boss to speak honestly about safety
  9. Let go & step out of your comfort zone
  10. Safety must deliver more than customers expect
  11. Are your methods based on consent or coercion?
  12. Make a difference in your own neighborhood
  13. Needed: A universal standard of care
  14. Blinded by the audit
  15. Flying in a cloudbank of hazards with no instruments
  16. Talk less and do more
  17. Tear down the walls separating safety & health
  18. May the juice be with you
  19. Supply chain audits needs more “boots on the ground”
  20. Let’s shed some time-honored practices
  21. We’re all in sales and marketing