We need leaders who do not just talk; we have enough talk, we need leaders who “walk the walk.” Talk is cheap, but actions speak volumes to a leader’s passion. 

I was dragged into safety and health by the death of our son, Patrick Hayes, in 1993. After starting the FIGHT Project and helping 887 families and speaking to 86,000 workers to date, I believe workers have heard enough. They need to see action, they need to see people out there touching them and giving them help and hope.

We need to talk less and do more. How about meeting a new worker every day of the year, maybe giving some free safety books to a local hardware store, do a free safety meeting with the local chamber of commerce, talk to the youth group at church about working safely, copy some Fatal Fact sheets from OSHA and hand them out to workers, advertise to do free safety meetings for local small business, go to DC and meet with Congress and OSHA officials. I’m sure you can think of many more ideas, now get up and go do it — “walk the walk.” 

In all of my journeys, I have shaken the hand of many famous people and many more of the common man and I can tell you this, the hand shake is the same, from famous person to a plumber or janitor or candlestick maker. People need to be touched, they need hope and they need sincerity,  that’s it.

“Walking the Walk” — do you have the passion and courage to join me?