As an international safety speaker, I have the privilege of sharing safety stories with people all around the world. How often do your friends and family hear you talk about safety? Whenever a situation occurs in your life that illustrates a hazard you avoided or how safety knowledge protected you there is a natural opportunity to share that story with the people you care about.

Encourage Your Employees To Tell Safety Stories

Remind people you work with how they can have a big impact on those they care about by sharing safety stories with them. When we tell stories from our own life they have great credibility with the people we know and love. A fellow employee sharing how their Personal Protective Equipment saved them really sends the safety message home.

How and Where To Share Safety Stories?

What inspired me to write this article was a Facebook post by a young man who was a member of my 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree troop. His name is Ross Scott and he is one of those youth with whom I was blessed to work. He went on to earn his Eagle Scout and best of all, served as an Assistant Scoutmaster for the 2013 National Jamboree. Right now, he is working and earning money for college as a truck driver. I love watching out for his Facebook posts as he travels across the United States.

Recently, he wrote two posts about safety to help protect his friends. This is great because he has safety insights they never would experience and he can help them by sharing. Along with everything else he posts he shared these and several other safety stories or insights. How great is it that his peers learn a safety lesson from a friend they like and respect.

I’ll be, “Watching Out For Everyone’s Safety™”