Of course there are many war movies in which we need to honor and recognize the common foot soldier. This brings to mind "Saving Private Ryan" as well as the 1949 movie, "Battleground," which takes place in the midst of the Battle of the Bulge. Both portray the hardship, bravery and commitment of the American solder, fighting for a cause without any thought of reward or recognition. Then there is "All Quiet on the Western Front," based on Earnest Hemingway's novel (both the 1930 film and the 1979 TV movie) about German Soldiers fighting in the trenches in WWI.

Then there is the 2002 movie, "K-19, The Widow Maker." This is the story of a Russian crew aboard a sub during the height of the Cold War (circa 1963). It is based on a true story and it can be used as a gereat tool for discussion with regard to root cause and contributing cause analysis.

Another movie, or series of movies is the French Film, Germinal. There are three versions of this movie: 1913 (silent movie), 1963, and the latest, 1993. Germinal is based on the novel by Emile Zola and is about a coal miner's strike in Northern France in the 1860's. From this movie we can see the labor movement in its infancy and the need for certain vital protections for the people of the working class.