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I am a safety professional, and in so much as I continue to be one, I bear as much guilt for these sins (being politically correct with safety) as anyonne else. That having been said, we must all redouble our efforts to recognize our collective role in the PC problem and work to solve these issues. My greatest fear is that in the growing backlash against worker rights and the perceived over protective safety legislation, safety as a business function will cease to exist, and if that should happen we as a community hastened our own demise.

Absolutely, in a time when management flow is being stressed by a weakened economy and an erratic orders flow we must be politically correct and extremely sensitive to the timeliness of our requested needs. This is a balancing act that we all must deal with, but not at the cost of employee safety. If stepping out of the PC box is required to protect the employees and it costs someone their job, then they were doing their job properly.
-Posted by Fred Pearson III, L.E.P., CSHM

I think that PC pressure is very real. I also believe that your relationship with the other management personnel is going to have an impact. If you can justify your actions and show the others the validity and importance, then that will help solidify your stance. I agree with Fred in that you can step out of the box on occasion, but not if it is going to create an unsafe environment for the people around you.
-Posted by Jim Shaw