unemploymentI am up to much of nothing career wise. To be candid, I retired several years ago because I could not find a job. 

The best look that was taken at me was by a firm that at the time operated power plants in the Washington, DC area. The fellow over safety there was a CSP so he understood my background, and they paid for me to fly up for the interview, but the job was given to someone from that area.

That was the best shot that I had had in years, so I had to wait out several years until I turned 62, etc.

I am OK with it now, but essentially lost ten years of wages over a life time. 

Right now I am enjoying life as best I can. I swim twice a week, go to yoga four times a week, work cutting grass and in the garden. And I also maintain a nature photo website.

My life is actually very pleasant just no real money.

It was an interesting trip.

But essentially I have given up on America ever solving any of her problems. The loss of jobs to China was ten years ago, and most politicians of either party never acknowledged it. They all know how to bring the jobs back in the future if we would only vote for them.