The 2013 iSHN Virtual Safety ExpoThe fourth annual iSHN Virtual Safety Expo (2013 edition) presented by ISHN will be here before you know it.

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The event is free.

Here is the lineup of speakers and presentations:

9:15 -
10:15 am

Oil and Gas Industry Safety
Speaker: J. S. (Steve) Arendt
Vice President, North America Process Industries / ABS Consulting

10:30 -
11:30 am

Oil and Gas Industry Safety
Speaker: Mark S. Dreux, Arent Fox Law Firm
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11:45 -
12:45 pm

Fall Protection/Work at Heights
Speaker: Nigel Ellis, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions

1:15 -
2:15 pm
FR / Electrical Safety
Speaker: Hugh Hoagland, e-Hazard

2:30 -
3:30 pm

Webinar TBD

Event Date: November 12, 2013
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST
Where: Right from your own computer
Cost: FREE
Questions: Email
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Speaker bios:

J. S. (Steve) Arendt  -- oil and gas industry safety
Vice President, North America Process Industries / ABS Consulting, Houston TX

Steve Arendt has 30 years experience in chemical process safety and risk management and has performed hundreds of safety analyses, risk assessments, audits, and accident investigations on a variety of oil, gas, chemical, and related industry processes. In 2006, Steve led technical reviews for the BP Baker Panel evaluation of PSM effectiveness, process safety culture, and corporate oversight of BP's five U.S. refineries. He is a work group member for the Center for Offshore Safety SEMS Audit team, and has provided SEMS auditor training for BSEE inspectors. Steve has conducted hundreds of RP 75/PSM audits, incident investigations, and best practice reviews, including more than 20 offshore facilities.

Mark Dreux-- process safety management (PSM), lockout/tagout (LOTO), hazard communication (HAZCOM)
Arent Fox Law Firm / Washington, DC

Mark S. Dreux is the head of the OSHA Group in Arent Fox’s Labor & Employment Practice and is nationally recognized for his work in occupational safety and health law. Mark focuses on representing employers and trade associations in all aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). His practice includes counseling clients in regulatory compliance with the standards and regulations which OSHA and the state plans have promulgated, investigating significant workplace incidents, managing OSHA inspections, contesting OSHA citations, defending employers in OSHA enforcement actions, conducting safety and health audits and due diligence reviews, and engaging in regulatory advocacy.

Nigel Ellis-- fall protection/work at heights
Ellis Fall Safety Solutions / Wilmington, DE

A leading authority on fall protection hierarchies, Dr. Ellis conducts consultations, investigation and high level education in fall protection from management's, workers' and regulatory perspectives. Frequently provides input for OSHA standards and interpretations that apply to his field since 1971. Dr. Ellis represents the USA on international standards committees. He Is a long-standing member of several ANSI standards committees, including former chair of the ANSI Z359.2 Committee and current co-chair of ASTM EO6.51.25 WG Skylight Human Impact, and serves as an expert witness in negligence, intentional tort, peculiar risk, product civil cases, OSHA, and other court cases for both plaintiffs and defendants

Hugh Hoagland – electric arc safety
E-Hazards / Louisville, KY

Hugh Hoagland is among the world's foremost experts on electrical arc testing and safety. His career change began with safety testing at LG&E Energy, later, he worked as R & D Director for NASCO, a manufacturer of protective outerwear solutions. He has helped develop most of the arc-resistant rainwear used in the world today as well as creating the first face shield to protect against electric arcs.

He has helped development of legislation and standards in both the US and Europe. He sits on several industry committees and is a featured speaker at safety conferences and events.