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Sodexo sees a number of interesting trends that will impact the real estate community. For example:

Indoor Environments: Today, salary and benefits are not the only drivers of employee satisfaction and engagement. In fact, employees’ indoor environment plays a significant role in fostering productivity, performance and wellness. Similarly, productive classroom environments have a major impact in cultivating effective learning and student achievement.

Communication: The way we conduct business has been transformed by Twitter, iPads, and the 24/7 interconnected economy. Communication tools are not just nice-to-have gear, but are now integral to surviving and thriving in the always-on conversation age; presenting additional challenges—what does an always-on workplace look like?

Sustainability: Now more than ever, companies are making sustainability innovations part of their core business to not only lower operating costs and improve efficiencies, but to attract consumers and retain employees. Further, employees, consumers, and shareholders alike are demanding transparency of a company’s sustainability practices and disclosure of environmental performance.

David Love is a senior vice president for solutions at Sodexo.Sodexo ( provides quality of living services including in-home care and incentive and recognition services.