ISHN Guest BlogMore than 24 years ago when I began speaking to audiences about safety, this was the title of my presentation. I was reminded of it when I was being interviewed by Dave Johnson with ISHN

He asked me about the motivation to watch out for the safety of others. I shared with him I believe all motivation is “self-motivation.” People will take action when they understand it will benefit them. That even applies to helping other people.

When I was 11 years old, a friend at school invited me to join the Boy Scouts. I quickly learned a Scout is helpful. We did service projects for other people and I enjoyed doing them. I found helping others felt good. You could say I learned helping others benefited me.

We need to appeal to people’s desire to help others when it comes to safety. I will be discussing this in the weeks to come. It is much easier to get people to take actions for positive reasons as opposed to negative. Also, when someone wants to do something, you know they will behave accordingly when no one is watching.  

Until next time, “I’ll be watching out for everyone's safety.”

Be Safe,

John Drebinger