questionsAre you mentally flat during brainstorming sessions? Do you have difficulty creating original ideas and thinking outside the box? Do you want to develop your creativity? Creativity is a human ability that can be developed; here are seven strategies to give your creativity a boost:

1. Be more observant of things around you. Notice how they work. Adapt existing solutions to new environments and problems needing solved.

2. Be curious. Ask why things are the way they are. How did they evolve? Is there a better method or way of doing it better or differently? Too often, we fall into a routine rut without questioning anything. Ask to expand your knowledge, not to be a contrarian.

3. Be a note taker or record in your smart phone. Make a record of your creative thoughts or solutions. Ideas can easily be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our busy days. You may remember, but why take a chance. Revisit your new ideas monthly to keep them fresh and build on them.

4. Be an optimist. Avoid criticizing any idea immediately. Give it some thought. Many inventions came from “pie-in-the-sky” ideas.

5. Be interested in another person’s point of view. Stretch your mind and allow others to express their thoughts. This can enlighten, refresh and spark a new idea or improve an existing one.

6. Be aware of your subconscious mind. Listen to your intuition and even your dreams. These are the tools of the subconscious mind. They are the culmination of a lifetime of information.

7. Be unusual and shake routine habits. Drive a different route to work. Enjoy lunch with new people. Take a break and walk outside for some fresh air. Awaken your senses one by one. Your cobwebs may be cleared and provide you with exciting new ideas.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” - Chinese proverb

Until next time...
Be safe and spread the word.


Dr. Isabel Perry