Thought LeadershipWhen all attendees understand their roles and responsibility before, during and after the meeting, a positive synergy is created. The group process technique focuses on the goals of the safety committee and creates a shared vision to achieve success effectively and efficiently by its members.

  • Arrive at meetings on time. If you are late, enter quietly
  • Arrange to stay until the end of the meeting
  • Attend not only in body, but in mind and spirit
  • Come prepared to discuss important issues
  • Suggest agenda items
  • Demonstrate peer pressure on members to control excessive talking and other inappropriate behavior
  • Share ideas in an open, non-aggressive manner
  • Discuss complaints in the meeting and not sabotage efforts outside
  • Do not allow the authority positions of other attendees to intimidate you into silence during the meeting
  • Support group decisions once an action has been decided upon
  • Refrain from complaining about other attendees or the group when outside the meeting.
  • Complete any tasks that were assigned or volunteered to complete on time

Until next time...
Be safe and spread the word.

Dr. Isabel Perry