Educational ResourcesA test available from OSHA to be completed by employees prior to training can be a valuable aid to ensuring that workers understand arc flash hazards – and the elements and procedures that affect the likelihood of an arc flash occurring.

Among the questions on the pretest (how many of them can you answer?):

Which of the following is an insulator of electricity?
a) Gold
b) Copper
c) Sweat
d) Pure water

Which of the following would increase the amount of current in a circuit?
a) Heating up the conductors
b) Decreasing the voltage
c) Decreasing the work distance
d) Decreasing resistance 2._________

What makes a short circuit dangerous?
a) A larger load on the circuit
b) Little-to-no resistance
c) Less voltage
d) Decreased current

All of the following about arc flash are true except:
a) Hot temperatures
b) Loud noises
c) Bright lights
d) Low currents

What determines the intensity of an arc flash?
a) The available current and how long it lasts
b) The voltage and humidity level
c) Air pressure and voltage level in the sensors
d) Energy and fault lines

What must be on all equipment that has an arc flash hazard?
An arc flash warning or danger label
A shock protection sign
A blue arc flash label with a yellow warning triangle
A green arc flash hazard stamp

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