Many organizations and groups are involved in the safety industry, but did you know that the International Glove Association is the only organization dedicated exclusively to gloves and glove-related issues? Focused on the multiple needs of this section of the safety industry, enhancement of the glove market and other key issues, IGA combines years of experience with top-quality programs and resources to help its members achieve success in the marketplace while maintaining financially sound organizations.

As the glove industry continues to evolve to include more advanced materials and an increase in overseas manufacturing, the IGA is well positioned to support not only its membership, but also anyone who buys, distributes or uses industrial gloves.  By creating an informal, intimate and friendly environment where members and affiliates can share knowledge, learn and network, the IGA is teaching the world about the future of gloves, today.

 Register for the 2015 Glove Symposium now: Visit:; 814-328-5208; or email

Symposium highlights

David Avrin - The Visibility Coach: In his entertaining and highly-actionable marketing presentations, David Avrin shows business owners and leaders, sales professionals, HR audiences and entrepreneurs how to do a deep-dive to ferret-out, recognize, craft and promote a truly unique and marketable competitive advantage.

Tom Craig - Global logistics: Given this situation, global logistics and trade management are becoming broad concerns. It’s critical that supply chain and global logistics organizations put in place the people, processes and technology required to deliver world class cost and service performance. This is your opportunity to verify that you are making the most efficient and cost effective decisions concerning your shipping and transportation policies and practices.

Mark Vitner - Economic overview:  Mark Vitner is a managing director and senior economist at Wells Fargo, responsible for tracking U.S. and regional economic trends. Based in Charlotte, he also writes for the company’s Monthly Economic Outlook report, the Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary, and provides regular updates on the housing markets, commercial real estate, regional economies, and inflation.

Mark’s commentary has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many other publications.

Government regulations: How are government regulations affecting our industry?  How are government regulations impacting your business?  During this session, attendees will gain a better understanding of how the government regulates our imports and exports.  We will gain a better understanding of tariff codes, duties, and trade barriers. These topics are an important part of the glove industry.  A better understanding of government regulations will enable IGA members to make better business decisions and ultimately lead to better business.

What’s new in the market: Back by popular demand, the IGA is going to open the floor to attendees!  This session will give our members the opportunity to share what’s new regarding textiles, innovations, and advancements that are occurring in our industry.  In an effort to protect information shared, presentations from this portion of the IGA Symposium will not be available on our website, but contact information only.  If you are interested to see what the future holds for hand and arm protection, you won’t want to miss this session.

If you are interested in presenting during this time, contact the IGA offices at 814-328-5208. 

Space is limited, as companies will be limited to 20 minutes for presentations.