Is your mind working for you or against you? That’s one of the questions being posed to attendees of Safety 2015 going on in Dallas, by a speaker who says positive intelligence can help people achieve their peak performance.

Shirzad Chamine, chairman of coach training organization CTI, said he developed the idea of positive intelligence – which builds on the popular concept of emotional intelligence – over years of coaching business types who want to improve their performance. He said the techniques involved with developing positive intelligence can help people realize more of their potential, with less stress.

According to Charmine, positive intelligence is based on four human behavior fields:

  1. Neuroscience - Through neuroplasticity, the brain might be “re-wired” to respond to challenges.
  2. Positive psychology - A happier brain is more creative, resourceful and resilient – and can lead to greater success.
  3. Cognitive behavioral psychology – which may allow negative and dysfunctional habits to be reprogrammed with practice.
  4. Performance science – Emotional intelligence factors – “soft skills” -- are complemented by tools that allow mastery over what Chamine calls “internal saboteurs.”

If you weren’t able to make it to Safety 2015, Chamine has written a book about his techniques called “Positive Intelligence,” which is available from Amazon.