Bayco Nightstick NSP-4650B Dual-Lightâ?¢ FlashlightThe new Nightstick NSP-4650B Dual-Light™ Flashlight for ambidextrous side-brim mounting on firefighter helmets is in one step providing several major advances in the performance, abilities and agility and doing so at a lower price than older, single purpose flashlight alternatives.

Introduced for the first time to the industry the NSP-4650B offers a second, independently controlled broad-beam LED floodlight, aimed forward at a 45º angle to the flashlight beam. The soft unfocused light pattern emitted by the floodlight is perfect for lighting up nearby objects during overhauling, reading a respirator gauge, or illuminating the ground to prevent slips, trips and falls. At its rear is a third LED that provides a green locator light so others can easily identify team personnel in smoke-filled or dusty environments. According to a recent study by NIOSH, green light is more visible than any other color in a smoke-filled environment.

While slim and compact, an innovative mounting clamp allows this multi-purpose light to avoid goggles, face shields or foreign obstructions while retaining the forward aim of its narrow flashlight beam. The pivot also allows for plumb mounting on angled brims.

Lighting modes

The flashlight produces 220 lumens in its high mode for a rated beam distance of 600 feet (183 meters) with a 3.5 hour runtime on a fresh CR123 Lithium battery pair (included). A glove-friendly pushbutton control can also select 100 lumens (390 feet or 120 meters and 10 hours) or 30 lumens (193 feet or 59 meters and 33.5 hours).

A second glove-friendly control can set the independent floodlight for 100 lumens (10 hours), 50 lumens (21.5 hours) or a low 15-lumen survival mode that lasts up to 60 hours.

With both flashlight and floodlight in industry first Dual-Light mode provides a total of 175 lumens for up to 4.5 hours. The flashlight also offers a high-brightness signaling safety strobe lasting up to 6 hours.

Special attributes

The NSP-4650B is waterproof (IP-X7), chemical and impact-resistant (2-meter drop rating), individually serialized on rugged cast aluminum while meeting the requirements for NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013).

Significance to First Responder Community

The expected street pricing of the NSP-4650B is $69.95, some $35 less than its competition despite the many superior features, functions and deliverables of the Bayco Nightstick product.

Nightstick Marketing Manager Russell Hoppe describes the benefits to first responders by outlining the challenges the 4650 addresses. “Helmet-mounted lighting options have until now consisted of attaching a loose fitting, single-purpose forward directed flashlight to the brim of a fire-helmet ignoring the need for downward directional light.”

Hoppe continues, “The idea to add a secondary floodlight to the Nightstick NSP-4650B developed as a pro-active response to provide an over the shoulder light that addressed both safety and convenience. A pencil-beam flashlight is ideal to cut through smoke, but the need for light isn’t just at a distance, it’s in front of your feet for safety, reading your body-worn equipment gauges and conveniently illuminating your immediate surroundings. First responders risk their lives for us every day while paying too much and getting too little. The 4650 is yet another example of how Nightstick has designed, priced and implemented an innovative lighting solution that resolves the needs of all first responders.”

Bayco Nightstick product selection, innovative product designs and common-sense pricing give testimony to Nightstick’s introduction into the helmet-mounted fire-helmet market. Hoppe concludes: “To be very blunt, we are here to make high quality and high performance affordable to all.”


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